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Using a Publisher’s Pyramid to Visualize Moving Prospects from Free to Paid

How to convert website traffic into email subscribers and into premium buyers and members

Publisher's Pyramid

Kim Mateus:
Looking at [ACEM in four equal blocks] makes it look like all of these activities are equal, so, we’d like to flip it on its side and put it into this, what we call this publisher’s pyramid, or this media pyramid, to show that when it comes to attracting traffic to your website or your portal as we call it, which is the free portion of your website, you are going to attract a lot more visitors than capturing them. In other words, there’s going to be a lot of people that flow through your website let’s say over the course of a year, who are going to be one and done. They come, maybe they got what they came for, maybe not, but they’re not that interested and they’re not going to rise to the level of becoming an email subscriber.

Kim Mateus:
But this just shows a little bit of that scale. You’re going to get a lot of traffic, it might be one and done, you’re going to do everything you can to be as smartly aggressive as possible to capture those visitors, turn them into email subscribers so that you can then eventually upsell them to become buyers, this could be event buyers, one-shot product buyers, magazine subscribers, newsletter subscribers, and then, of course, the ultimate echelon there at the top would be to turn them into members, trying to get that auto-renew revenue as part of your mix, and really turn your content product into more of a membership. We’ve seen, of course, growing success with that over the last couple of years. So, this just gives you a sense of where search fits in, in our view, into your overall digital strategy.


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