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Web Marketing Opportunity #3 and #4 for Selling More Magazine Subscriptions: OFIEs and OFINs

Why having OFIEs (Order Forms in Editorial) in your free content, promoting your premium content, helps contribute to a profitable and well-rounded web marketing program

Order forms in editorials

Kim Mateus:
Next is these OFIEs, order forms in editorial. I don’t think we coined this. I think we picked this up off of one of our clients in the early 2000s, mid 2000s. But the concept is order forms in editorials basically on different web pages, just inserting ads for your premium product. So in this case, we’re on the daily homepage. This is what we call a full width OFIE. So this is the featured article. If you were looking below, you’d see all the tiled the daily articles. Go ahead and put an ad in there. And this as you can see the language is upgrade, upgrade. So this is where again, I’m logged in as Kimmy. So it knows, it already has my email. It knows to just try to push me to upgrade as much as possible.

Kim Mateus:
At the bottom of our daily posts, so if I’m reading an individual article, I would see all those text ads that we saw. Let’s assume I ignored them all and scrolled down to the bottom, there is yet another ad for me to upgrade to become a premium member.

Order forms in navigation

Kim Mateus:
OFINs, order form in navigation. This is really just a button, but there’s other versions of this where it actually is a form. And in this case, I am logged in. And so that button is saying upgrade today.

Kim Mateus:
If I was logged out, it would say join today. So there’s where that conditional language in technology comes into play.


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