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Food Gardening Magazine New Issue Focuses on Planning for Fall Plantings

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their August 2022 issue, exploring options for gardeners about what to plant this fall.

With four feature videos and articles, the August issue of Food Gardening Magazine helps readers plan for fall plantings, make creative summer cocktails with fresh garden ingredients, execute summer garden chores to ensure a bountiful garden, and build a pole bean trellis to nurture the beans skyward.

Editor and Publisher Kim Mateus points out that “While the summer food garden is thriving, savvy gardeners are planning for their fall gardens—and that can mean ‘succession planting’ or even planting vegetables to enjoy next spring.”

The Planting Vegetables in the Fall: Easy Crops for Now and Later article delivers advice for gardeners about “succession planting”—that is, when summer plants have run their course, replanting other items in their place come fall. Some early-September vegetable plantings—such as many lettuces, radishes, potatoes, even turnips—can mature in under 30 days, keeping the garden productive longer and making “succession planting” a smart strategy for gardeners in many different climates.

Senior Editor Amanda MacArthur also explains in this article and video how fall plantings can include planning for items to pop up in the spring—plants such as garlic, onions, spring onions, and shallots.

For readers who want to enjoy over-abundant items from the garden this summer, the Garden-to-Glass Cocktails article includes three easy-to-make recipes for cool cocktails—using fresh garden ingredients—to enjoy in the hot days of summer.

In the 10 Summer Garden Chores for a Happy Garden article, readers get a list of specific summer garden chores to ensure a bountiful harvest. Having a happy garden isn’t about set it and forget it—readers discover exactly what to do in this article.

The August issue of Food Gardening Magazine also includes in-depth articles about ginger, fennel, and peaches. These articles explore a sampling of Food Gardening Network’s gardening guides, while providing valuable information on their own. Subscribers get instant access to the premium gardening guides themselves, too.

In How to Use Ginger: Adding Spice to Your Life!, readers discover seven fun and unique ways for using ginger to soothe and heal the body and soul, to maximize the health benefits.

The How to Turn Anyone Into a Fennel Lover article describes the best ways to enjoy all five parts of a fennel—bulbs, stalks, fronds, flowers, and seeds.

And Perfect Peaches: Enjoy Them in Your Life!, includes how to spot a peach’s perfect ripeness, how to peel a peach the right way, and best ways to store peaches.

View the August 2022 issue of Food Gardening Magazine now.

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