FGN September 2023 issue

Gardening with kids is…fun!

Back to school? Make it easier by spending time gardening with the kids!

For many of us in the U.S., September means back to school for the kids, the end of vacations for families, and getting back into longer work days. What we don’t hear about very often, however, is how magical the garden is in September, and how much fun we can still have with the bounty of fruits and vegetables yet to harvest, and those that are fast-growing and can still be planted!

It’s true that our gardens are changing. We may not be planting or harvesting the same things we were two months ago. That’s part of the joy of the seasons, though! In September we can plant many of those cool weather vegetables, like kale, Swiss chard, and lettuces. There’s also still time in many regions to plant radishes and other quick-growing vegetables, or plant winter-growing root veggies that will pop up in the spring like garlic, spring onions, and carrots. In short, September is hardly the end of our gardening season!

And while September may not seem like the ideal time to start a garden, it’s certainly the best time to start planning your next garden! Going with the whole back-to-school theme, we’ve dedicated this entire issue to gardening with kids! We have several projects in this issue that are ideal for gardening with children, from making personalized plant pots to helping them start their very own farm stand! But most importantly, we’ve created an entire video around creating a fast-growing and fun garden for kids of all ages, including the best plants to grow. Finally, we’ll take a look at an updated version of a delicious classic recipe that’s fun to make and a joy to eat.

If you have children, or grandchilden, nieces or nephews, you know that September is all about kids, and that’s exactly what we’re celebrating in this issue of Food Gardening Magazine!

In all, you’ll find five featured articles, an extra Freebie, one mouth-watering recipe (plus many more in the guides), and explorations of our three featured fruits and vegetables: Apples, Broccoli, and Kale. And, as always, there are some additional delightful recipes in store from the gardening guides highlighted in this issue.

Here are some exciting articles and videos to look forward to in the Gardening with Kids September Issue of Food Gardening Magazine:

  • 5 Vegetables to Plant in September: There are plenty of vegetables that enjoy growing in the cooler weather of fall. Here are five you can plant today!
  • Planting Seeds of Joy: The Perfect Kids Vegetable Garden for Your Little Sprout: Want to work some veggie magic on your kids? Forget the constant battle at the dinner table; let’s plant a kid’s vegetable garden and sprinkle some green enchantment into their lives!
  • How to Paint DIY Plant Pots with Kids: If you want to teach your kids about the joy of gardening, start with these DIY plant pots. Then they’ll be ready and excited to grow their own plants in their very own, custom-made pots!
  • Fresh Fruit Maple Ambrosia Salad: Autumn is maple season and it’s the perfect complement to a salad of delicious, fresh fruit, rich Greek yogurt, sweet coconut, and crunchy walnuts!
  • Gardening with Grandpa: This article comes from our sister publication, GreenPrints Magazine. In it, writer Wayne K. Wilkins describes the day his grandfather taught him to work in the garden, and how that led to a lifelong love of gardening.
  • Autumn Gardening Calendar Kit: This printable calendar kit is so much more than just a collection of dates. Get monthly gardening checklists, plenty of room to write your own notes, and a collection of some of our favorite fall recipes, featuring fruits and vegetables like apples, beets, pumpkins, kale, Brussels sprouts, and more!
  • 8 Educational Farm Stand Ideas for Kids: You know what’s super awesome and fun for your kids? Helping them kickstart their very own business! It’s like a secret recipe for teaching them all sorts of cool stuff–leadership, social skills, money management, and a major boost to their confidence!

The latest issue of Food Gardening Magazine also features our deep dive collections on Apples, Broccoli, and Kale. You’ll get tons of tips for growing these three exciting plants, from choosing the type you want to grow to prepping your garden and all the way through harvesting and enjoying them in your kitchen. For example:

Did you know that Apple diseases are particular to apples? Knowledge of other tree and plant diseases won’t help much when trying to identify different apple diseases. In How to Identify the Worst Apple Diseases, we’ll look at 5 apple diseases, some of which can destroy not just the fruit, but the entire tree.

Broccoli sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants that can help boost your immune system, and they’re easy to digest. And because they’re so easy to grow at home, broccoli sprouts are an accessible and affordable superfood. In How to Sprout Broccoli Seeds at Home, we’ll explore the benefits of eating broccoli sprouts and walk through the process of how to make your own sprouts at home.

Growing kale in pots is easy enough, but there are a few tips that can make the process even easier. In Growing Kale in Pots for Fresh Greens All Year Long, we’ll look at 7 tips that can help ensure a good kale harvest.

Open up the September Issue today and join us in dreaming, planting, and enjoying all things food gardening.

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