June partners

Time to warm up with our June partners!

June brings in the heat and the promise of summer

June is all about rising temperatures, and depending on where you are, hopefully the end of the worst of the Spring allergy season. The nights are getting longer, the days keep getting warmer and the promise of Summer is here. Kids are excited about the end of another school year and parents are wondering how to keep them occupied for the next two months!

Here at Mequoda Publishing Network we can share with you some great offerings from our partners to help keep YOU entertained as Summer starts to roll in.

The National Garden Bureau offered information about Hydrangeas and Herbs. Hydrangeas will fill your garden with color and fragrance while planting herbs can help with your culinary feats all summer long.

Fine Gardening is where you’ll find all the advice and information you need to plan and tend to your garden in your region. Their project guide “Gardening Basics” contains expert advise for the beginner. Read it today to learn more about the best tools to buy, how to start seeds, or just to find some design ideas.

Spirituality & Health offered us a discounted membership with free eBook “Harness the Power of the Moon”. Explore the spiritual meaning of each of the moon’s phases to better understand what’s happening in our world. Develop a moon-based yoga practice to nourish the body and the mind.

Experience Life shared with us some mouth-watering recipes in their free E-Book “Easy Summer Recipes”. This E-Book contains foil packed meals that are great for the grill, with very little cleanup needed! Pair that with their tips for the perfect salad for a quick summer meal that still gives you time to enjoy warm evenings outdoors.

The Artists Network shared their free guide “The Ultimate Free Guide on How to Draw Flowers”. Start a new hobby this summer, or expand on an existing one. This guide includes tips for getting started, step-by-step instructions, and contains 5 unique flowers that will have you contemplating the beauty of nature.

Summer is arriving and really heating things up over here at Mequoda Publishing Network. Our gardens are growing and ripening this June and we hope yours are as well. If you have something that you think would be of interest to our audience, please reach out to me at Christy@Mequoda.com.

As always, thank you for being a supporter of Mequoda Publishing Network!

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