Describing the Benefits of your Membership Website

Emphasizing the benefits of joining your membership website means appealing to your prospect’s self-interest

People do not subscribe or pay for access to your membership website, per se. They are really paying for the benefits of access to your membership website, or for the benefits of membership in your organization.

Features are descriptions of what premium information they will find beyond the turnstile when they join your membership website. But features are not benefits.

The benefits of joining your membership website are an explanation of how those features will satisfy the needs and desires of your subscribers. Benefits appeal to self-interest. Benefits drive sales or subscriptions.

Don’t describe your membership website in terms of what information subscribers will have access to when they join. Instead, describe how that information will make them feel better.


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Or how that information will enable them to derive greater success or satisfaction. Or how that information will increase their chances of earning more money. Or how that information will give them greater prestige.

Benefits are descriptions of how the premium information on your membership website will gratify the members. Your prospective customers, after all, are human. That means, like all of us, they are essentially self-absorbed and thinking only about how joining your membership website is beneficial to them.

“Don’t tell me about your grass seed,” your prospective membership website subscriber says to himself. “Talk to me about my lawn.”


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