Make Your Website User Friendly with Google Custom Search

Even with recent frustrations, Google is still the search partner content publishers turn to. Its search engine is the most comprehensive, and we like to think that its actions are always performed with good intentions…their informal corporate motto is “don’t be evil” after all.

One way Google has helped publishers make their own websites more searchable is by creating Google Custom Search, which can be implemented on websites without the need of a downloadable plug-in.

This search function powered by Google allows visitors to search your website based on Google’s index of the site. This helps provide fast and relevant search results to the people seeking more content on your website.

A new feature is enabled to bring up an auto-completion list so users can get the correct results even faster, just like’s design allows.

Think about the possibilities of Google Custom Search…Imagine a new user comes to your site because they are interested in solar energy. They find one of your articles and then they use the Google Custom Search bar to find more on the topic. Soon they have subscribed to your content via email and Twitter, and you have a new name in your marketing database. A new relationship has been forged – with the help of Google Custom Search.

Do you want Google Custom Search installed on your website – and an array of additional plug-ins to make your site more efficient and user-friendly? Contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 for development options.


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