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Tag: analytics dashboard

Online Publishing Strategies: Video, Events, and More

Online publishing strategies have grown exponentially since digital magazines have transformed the industry. It is, after all multiplatform strategy, and media companies are wise to maximize as many channels as they can, from video to white papers to podcasts to events to the online magazine library.

8 Elements of a Proper Website Traffic Report

Do you know what to monitor in your website traffic report?
We’re constantly reading and writing about how to drive website traffic, but how often do we discuss the website traffic report that all of us should be pouring over to see whether or not our hard work is going anywhere?

Anyone who has installed monitoring and

Monetizing Social Media: Bloomberg’s Strategy

Monetizing social media by converting side-door traffic into subscribers is one of the most important challenges publishers currently face. Convincing curious visitors to sign on as customers via quality content that’s skillfully distributed and diversely packaged requires patience, experimentation, and diligence, but it’s well worth the effort when those additional revenues start rolling in. Remember: It’s not the number of likes that define social media strategies; it’s the the level of audience development that will drive true reader engagement. Easier said than done, of course, but let’s take a look at how a legacy publisher like Bloomberg pulls it off, via Digiday, along with some other relevant recent articles.

Is Pinterest Becoming Even More Important for Publishers?

The image-heavy publishers among us have turned to Pinterest to build community and web traffic. Now, the social network is becoming more valuable, as an analytics dashboard has been introduced.

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates On Your Articles

Five simple lessons that we’ve learned from bounce rates on

Being the analytics junkie that I am, I frequent Mequoda’s Google Analytics dashboard often. Recently, I’ve been on a personal mission to reduce bounce rates on our articles. When someone “bounces” from your site, it means that they came, they didn’t find what they were looking for, and they left quickly.

Google’s algorithm pays close attention to bounce rates on the search results that they list. If someone clicks a link in their results and immediately hits the back button and comes back to the results page to click on another article, they take notice. Too many bounces from your listing can cause Google to drop you deeper and deeper into their results. So it’s very important that when someone clicks on your article in a search engine, that you keep them on your page for a little while.

3 Tips on What to Do with Referring Traffic

How your analytics package can shed new light on referring traffic

One reason your analytics package is valuable is the information it can offer about your referring traffic. There are of course numerous other reasons why analytics is important, but for today, referring traffic will be the topic of discussion.

Referring traffic is comprised of visitors that find links to your site elsewhere, be it through social media or other content producers.

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009 – Google Analytics for Publishers

12 things every copywriter, editor and audience development manager can learn using Google Analytics
Nicholas opened this session by diving into the Google Analytics dashboard of our own Mequoda Daily and gave the audience 12 things that you want to track when using Google Analytics:

Most Popular Content
Page Views for Specific Post
Page Views for Specific Topic
Top Referring