Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009 – Google Analytics for Publishers

12 things every copywriter, editor and audience development manager can learn using Google Analytics

Nicholas opened this session by diving into the Google Analytics dashboard of our own Mequoda Daily and gave the audience 12 things that you want to track when using Google Analytics:

  • Most Popular Content
  • Page Views for Specific Post
  • Page Views for Specific Topic
  • Top Referring Website
  • Top Keywords
  • Arrivals by Keyword Phrase
  • Arrivals by Keyword Cluster
  • Visits by Country
  • Bounce Rate by Traffic Source
  • Email Conversion Rate by Rapid Conversion Landing Page
  • Most Popular Internal Search Terms
  • Top Landing Pages

One thing we found in the presentation is that people come to our website searching for the keywords we are using in our free reports and targeting in our articles, than they do simply searching for “Mequoda”. That’s a good thing, right?

Picture 640

Nicholas also noted that your bounce rate (people who come to your site and then leave) is less important than tracking your bounce rate by traffic source.


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