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Tag: author index landing page

10 Types of Landing Pages and Knowing When to Use Them

The first thing you need to have to create great landing pages is a basic understanding of the seven types of landing pages used by Internet marketing professionals. With that in mind, we think your odds of increasing landing page conversion rates will definitely improve.

Organic Landing Page Templates

The ultimate goal of all landing pages is to move users to action; how do you decide which landing page templates to use?

After reviewing literally thousands of media websites, we have identified two classes of landing pages, organic and dedicated.

Organic landing pages are composed of a mix of editorial and conversion architecture. There are eight types of organic landing page templates, each with its own unique information architecture designed to pull traffic in and initiate a transaction:

Organic, Dedicated and Hybrid Landing Pages – Oh My!

It isn’t enough to know how to design a landing page, you should also understand why writing for the web is not the same as writing for print

Organic Landing Pages: The Author Index Landing Page

Use Author Index landing pages to create a directory of your author landing pages

Looking for keyword phrases to boost your results in search engines? How about a name?

If you’re looking for quick ways to build your page count and add content that is easily indexed by search engines, don’t forget your authors and editors.

The author index page is a list of all the writers contributing content to the website, much like a contributor’s page in the front of many magazines. These pages came into existence when publishers noticed that a lot of website traffic was arriving via organic search of their website’s authors.