Organic Landing Pages: The Author Index Landing Page

Use Author Index landing pages to create a directory of your author landing pages

Looking for keyword phrases to boost your results in search engines? How about a name?

If you’re looking for quick ways to build your page count and add content that is easily indexed by search engines, don’t forget your authors and editors.

The author index page is a list of all the writers contributing content to the website, much like a contributor’s page in the front of many magazines. These pages came into existence when publishers noticed that a lot of website traffic was arriving via organic search of their website’s authors.

A simple, alphabetical listing with links to individual author landing pages are recommended.  If you have relatively few authors or editors, like we do, you may consider including a picture, as well.

Here is the Mequoda Daily author index landing page: Author Index Landing Page Author Index Landing Page

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Organic landing pages are designed to attract any type of traffic, whether from a search engine’s algorithm or a human surfing the web. This includes any text links referencing one of your webpages.

To move the conversion process along, website designers insert such page elements as OFIEs (order forms in editorial); OFINs (order forms in navigation); floater order forms; display ads; text ads; and simple hypertext links.

This page on the Business Management Daily site is an example of a great author index landing page: Author Index Landing Page Author Index Landing Page


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