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Tag: blogging for marketing

Blogging Advice: 4 Ways To Make a Business Blog More Friendly

“A Personal Touch” isn’t cheesy marketing or something reserved for “mom and pop” gimmicks. In our world of cyber-autonomy, a personal touch can be just the thing to change a casual visitor of your blog to a customer that is willing to invest in your product.

The truth still remains that when people visit your website, they are looking for information. However, there is no rule saying that information is the only thing you give back. Readers want to connect with a blog or blogger, to find some humanity to the faceless Internet page before them. In order to step up to the plate and deliver a well rounded, personalized blog, just review these tips below.

Blogging for Profit: How to Monetize a Blog

With over 50 million blogs out there, how do you get your blog to stand out from the crowd and get noticed? The Blogging for Marketing 101 white paper from the Mequoda Group is full of marketing tips you can use to enhance, promote, and monetize your blog.

The Mequoda Group interviewed dozens of online publishers and content marketers who have been using blogs to build, monetize and drive traffic to their blog by attracting more search engine referrals, increasing inbound links and improving reader engagement.. Get advice from publishers who are already successfully blogging for marketing.

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Editorial Strategy for Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing Content

Where does your content originate?
Here is our editorial strategy for reusing, recycling, and repurposing content over multiple platforms

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Three reports that will launch your social media strategy into gear

117 Mequoda Best Practices

Ten free whitepapers for turning your print publishing company into a successful online publishing company

Link-Building Loophole: 8 Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

Use PDF files to improve your site’s landing page rankings with Google

Help build your niche brand with this eight-step link-building technique

Blogging for Profit

Want Blogging Advice for Publishers Who Want to Learn How to Monetize a Blog? Download our FREE Blogging for Marketing 101 white paper today!