Editorial Strategy for Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing Content

Where does your content originate?

Here is our editorial strategy for reusing, recycling, and repurposing content over multiple platforms

Whenever you are writing editorial content, you must keep in mind the upstream and downstream products.

This is what Mequoda System Publishers do. We recycle, repurpose, and reuse content. It can be complicated, because each time editors write a special report, they must remember that the content will be disaggregated into numerous blog posts and email tips.

Mequoda Daily is a best practice example of how a Mequoda System Publisher creates and reuses editorial content.

Creating Content from Premium Products

The content that typically goes into our email newsletters, email promotions and special reports generally is derived from our premium products — primarily, webinars, seminars and Mequoda Pro — which are further up our Mequoda Digital Media Pyramid.

This article for example, is actually a chapter from an upcoming report that we will be distributing in the near future.

Creating Content from Email Newsletters

Additionally, there will be more articles that will be released in our email newsletter separately from being published as part of the larger, special report.

If you are sending five emails each week, whether tips, product reviews or promotions, you also are making 260 blog posts annually (5 days/week X 52 weeks/year).


Creating Content from Free Reports

At Mequoda Daily, we attempt to generate a new free report every two weeks. Each free report comprises an average of 10 tips, which can be disaggregated into 10 individual blogs posts, for a total of another 260 blog posts. So, recycled email and free special reports can account for a total of 520 blog posts annually.

On the flipside, you can also create free special reports by compiling existing related content from your website and packaging it together.

Creating Content from Other Publishers

Beyond that, you can conduct an outreach program, by recommending and linking to other publisher’s blog posts. These can be brief, 150-250 word posts.

Here you are looking for reciprocity from other sites, recommending and linking in the hope that other sites will link back. You might encourage this by writing to your professional colleagues to inform them of your blog post and link, or informing them of a post that their readers might find interesting.

If you make five recommendations per week, you will generate another 260 blogs posts annually, for a new total of 780 annual posts — a reasonable objective for a Mequoda System Editor. With this strategy, you can achieve the “magic number” of 1,000 blog posts in a less than 16 months.

The Mequoda Daily editorial strategy

At Mequoda Daily, we post to our blog all the emails that we generate Monday – Friday, equaling 260 posts per year.

Another 260 posts — more or less — come from disaggregated free special reports.

And another 260 posts — more or less — are the result of link-building and reviewing and recommending other websites.

Our goal for blog posts is 780 per year.

For a detailed look at additional blogging strategies for Mequoda System Publishers, download our free special report, “Blogging for Marketing 101.”

The value of an archive release policy to drive circulation

Mequoda Best Practice Guidelines advise against setting up separate editorial archives for past issues of your print content. Instead, release the content into your blog to help build circulation.

If you have editorial content from magazines, newsletters, or other premium information products, we recommend you have a formal archive release program. That means when your content has aged and is no longer premium — perhaps 90 to 365 days old — it can be reused as part of your circulation-building strategy.

Some magazine publishers, notably PC World and Forbes, are posting 100 percent of their premium content online, simultaneous with or even before print publishing. This practice has not deterred their ability to sell thousand of magazine subscriptions online.

If you publish a magazine with a 12 X yearly frequency, and each issue includes 50 articles, you’ve got content for 600 additional blog posts.

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