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Three reports that will launch your social media strategy into gear

It’s Free Report Friday (or #FreeReportFriday as we call it on Twitter) and we’ve got a bundle of white papers here today that will take your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

The fantastic thing about engaging on social networks and building your own online communities is that it’s a learn-as-you-go process. Once you’ve stepped in, you’ll understand the netiquette and best practices just by watching and listening.

We’ve talked to dozens of both B2B and B2C publishers who have been successful being social, and in this kit, we’re sharing with you their tips and tricks for driving website traffic, attracting new customers and creating new revenue streams.

First up, our Blogging for Marketing 101 white paper. At first you might wonder what this book has to do with social media marketing, but we’ve incorporated a lot of tips for getting bloggers to write about you. It also gives you steps for building relationships with bloggers and gaining trust in a world where blogs are a dime a dozen.

Second, we have our new Twitter Advice For (and From) Content Marketers white paper. This white paper is jam-packed with tips on how to use Twitter in your business. Would it be helpful as a customer service tool? Or possibly a new source of revenue?

Admittedly, using Twitter does take some time out of your day, but it can inspire new promotion ideas like contests and solicits for blog comments. We’ll explain who on your team should take the reigns of Twitter and how to train them to be the most effective at driving website traffic and drawing sales.

Third, we have our Launch a Link-Building Campaign white paper. Not only does this white paper encapsulate how to build links through social media but it also covers press releases and other elements that you can use to drive traffic to your website.

So there you have it, our Social Media Marketing kit. It’s free, so go ahead and download these reports today. We also have a bunch of other great free reports, so check those out too.


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