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Tag: customer relationship marketing

The Truth About Email Marketing

Is it somehow improper for email newsletter editors to support audience development efforts? Is it wrong for bloggers to promote a product from an advertiser, or from themselves?

Website Strategy 101: The Importance of Effective Website Architecture

Creating websites that convert visitors to subscribers is the heart and soul of Internet database marketing

Making money online requires converting your casual website visitors into paying subscribers or customers. That means you must take all the traffic coming to your website and start relationships with those visitors that will eventually result in product sales.

Landing pages are the driving force for any successful Internet marketing program. A well-crafted landing page will maximize the possibility that a user landing there will take the action you desire and not click away.

Customer Relations Marketing Tips

Proven ways for securing customer bonds

Business Relationship-Building Tips

5 smart ways to recognize those who help you succeed Wins 3rd Annual Mequoda Publisher of the Year Award

Mequoda Group announced today that, a marketing website serving daily tips and information products for owners and managers of growing businesses won the third annual Mequoda Publisher of the Year Award for 2008. Wins 3rd Annual Mequoda Publisher of the Year Award

We started from scratch says Bill Dugan on the launch of

fuelNet Releases 10 Secrets for Successful Customer Relationship Marketing

For most growing businesses, building strong, long-lasting customer relationships is akin to finding the Holy Grail. Only a select few have mastered customer relationship marketing and made it to the top of their industry.

fuelNet Publishes The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2008

FuelNet announces the release of a free Smart Paper to help growing companies improve the success rates of their creative direct mail

Relationship Marketing Strategies That Work

3 easy ways to build customer loyalty for your brand when budgets are tight

New Mequoda Hub Launches for Owners of Growing Businesses offers users a one-stop resource for advice on marketing, selling, brand building, and customer communications