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Tag: disaggregating

How to Make a Membership Website

Six membership site ideas all digital publishers must follow

How to make a membership website is a topic many publishers struggle with. Membership and subscription websites can be hugely successful in generating revenue for publishers with evergreen and updated content.

However, understanding how to make a membership website is often overlooked during the planning process. Let’s take a look at six tips publishers must adhere to while making a membership website.

Membership Website Mistake #7: Ignoring Legacy Business Model

Legacy magazine publishers are not paying close attention to whether their business is sponsor-driven or commerce driven. They are then going online with a completely different model.

In doing so, publishers disregard the historical print business model. If a publisher monetized his magazine assets in the past by selling advertising, it’s highly likely that the economics favor an ad-driven online publishing strategy. Or, if a publisher operates where circulation is the primary source of revenue, a membership website is a good option.

Smaller, More Complex Revenue Sources Expected in Digital Media’s Future

Content is getting extended further to develop more revenue opportunities

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism recently released its State of the Media Report for 2011.

This report discussed a number of major trends within our industry.

One specific trend addressed the market itself.

Why you Need a Formal Editorial Policy for Driving Website Traffic with Recycled Content

Content marketing tip: every print publication should recycle, reuse and repurpose its premium content online

Recycle Content with an Orderly Plan to Drive Website Traffic

Why every print publication needs an editorial policy and content marketing plan for reusing content online

How this financial publisher’s editorial policy effectively recycles, reuses and repurposes its premium stock recommendations into robust historic online content that effectively drives traffic to their site and sells more subscriptions.