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Tag: don pazour

Diverse Media Company Acquisitions Lead to Business Expansion

Media company acquisitions from Hearst and BrideClick; Access Intelligence acquires digital advertising and events company

Today’s news focuses on media company acquisitions, including some interesting ones that expand the current business model of the companies involved.

Magazine Publishing Industry March Update: Mergers, Staff Moves, and More

Every month, we check in with Folio:’s sister magazine, min, to monitor big comings, goings, and doings in the magazine publishing industry. This roundup features plenty of executive personnel changes, plus a couple of major purchases and one major redesign.

SIPA 2011 Ends with a Bang (and a Request)

Closing Day of SIPA 2011 Asks Key Questions

On the final day of the SIPA 2011 Conference in Washington, D.C. today, David Meerman Scott had some good news and bad news for the packed SIPF Awards Luncheon audience. The good news, he said, is that as content creators, specialized publishers stand in perfect position in this new social-media-centric world to “write the second paragraph”—meaning that they can take a real-time event and take advantage of it. (His examples were Oakley getting sunglasses for the Chilean miners to wear as they emerged from the ground and Taylor Guitars making a video to play off of the gone-viral song United Breaks Guitars.

What’s the bad news, you ask? Scott detests the generic, good-hair-and-teeth, perfect diversity people that he sees on some SIPA websites. “Who the heck are these people?” he asked with emphasis. “Use your real employees. What a novel idea!”

Start the Presses! ‘Access’ Acquires Red 7 Media

Access Intelligence Acquires Red 7 Media

The WOW factor shot across the industry yesterday when it was announced that Access Intelligence, a B-to-B media company and SIPA member in Rockville, Md., acquired Red 7 Media, owner of the Folio, Audience Development and Event Marketer brands, among other event and media holdings. In January, AI (specifically its Dorland Health division) acquired OR Manager, a media brand and event company serving operating room executives, managers and doctors, so 2011 certainly means business for them.

“Bringing AI and Red 7’s media properties together will allow us to go deeper into the community of media professionals,” Diane Schwartz, AI SVP and group publisher, wrote to us in an email. “We serve our audiences in much the same ways—events, online, print, etc. It’s our goal to increase our engagement with our audiences—and events are a great way to take the dialogue online to in-person. And vice versa, as our events help build out our online communities.”