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Tag: email newsletter program

How to Double and Triple Email Revenue in a Few Weeks

Improving email revenue? I certainly didn’t learn that one in school, and you probably didn’t either. In fact, in four years of journalism school, I never even had a single lesson in newspaper economics.

My professors were experienced reporters and editors, but none had ever figured out the business of publishing a newspaper. And none had ever met a payroll.

Subscription Website Portals are the Key to Success in Every Niche

When the Internet burst on the scene and magazine publishers decided to get on the bandwagon, a lot of people simply shoveled their content up to the Web and called it a day. After all, there wasn’t a lot of guidance available in this brave new world.

Creating Content That Pulls People in by Blogging

MarketingSherpa, a guide to marketing research

Comparing Co-Registration to Pay-Per-Click

Use both as part of an effective internet marketing strategy
A client we had’s highest source of revenue (about $27 over 12 months) was from subscribers acquired through pay-per-click advertising. That’s because about a third of the subscribers acquired through pay-per-click purchased on their first visit to the publisher’s website.

The Real Value of Co-Registration Leads

Add value to your internet marketing strategy with co-reg leads

Co-reg names, once considered by some publishers to be of little value, can be surprisingly profitable over time, as we will illustrate.

Co-registration is the absolute cheapest source of active email subscribers available anywhere for your Mequoda System website network editorial hub. Of course, the success of a co-registration campaign also requires a robust email newsletter program.

Additionally, co-registration names typically have the highest return on investment (ROI).