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Email Call to Action Examples Done Right by Mequoda Members

If there’s one thing Mequoda is strict about, it’s aligning your free content with paid products — making sure that for every free topic you write about, there’s a paid product on the same topic. Or vice versa. On the web, we refer to this as Consistent Channel Conversion architecture, or 3C Conversion Architecture.

In email, the

Complete Guide to Subscription Website Publishing Is Now Available Free

January 31, 2014 – BOSTON — Subscription website publishing is one of the hottest entrepreneurial ventures on the Internet, both for novices and for legacy publishers struggling to make the leap from print in a digital age.

An Audience of Experts Awaits You…

On the Growing SIPA Listserves

Here’s your quiz for today: Where did we find the following four very interesting discussion fragments?

on pop-ups
I’m particularly fond of the delayed pop-ups lately. They allow people to have a look-see and make sure they’re in the right place and interested in the content before we promote to them. I think this makes for a better user experience. Or at least I tell myself that.

Harvard Health Letter Sales Letter Landing Page Review

Harvard has opted not to use a traditional landing page to sell the Harvard Health Letter.

Instead, the main sales page for the Harvard Health Letter is a minimal transaction page with the barest of copy and graphics, and is devoid of the selling effort one would normally expect when promoting a paid subscription publication online.

Knowing the smart marketers at Harvard, we have to believe that this is a deliberate choice. As we recall, they don’t use this “bare minimum” approach in print promotions: their paper direct mail that we’ve seen consists of strong, long-copy sales letters that sell the publication and its benefits, and sell it hard. Why then would they opt for this “bare bones” approach online? This review really addresses a broader, more important question: are online and offline copy fundamentally the same or fundamentally different? Landing Page Review

My friend Fred Gleeck, the Internet marketing guru, says that if all you do to get people to sign up for your free e-zine is have a tiny box on your main website in which they enter their email address, you are probably failing to build your e-list as rapidly and cost-effectively as you could.

The Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor Landing Page Review

There are a few glaring problems with the Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor landing page. Mostly, they are not using effective copywriting techniques to sell this newsletter. Instead of promising readers a longer and healthier life, the Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor landing page only manages to promise 2 free issues – something someone with a shelf already full of health information would not get overly excited about. Let’s see how else they do when run through the Mequoda Landing Page Scorecard.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter Landing Page Review

If you divide products into two categories—must-have and nice-to-have—newsletters fall decisively in the latter. No one needs newsletters. As Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Publishing, a large consumer newsletter publisher likes to point out, “Nobody wakes up, taps their significant other on the shoulder, and says, ‘Honey, we need to get some more newsletters today.”

Rukeyser Mutual Funds Sales Letter Landing Page Review

Depending on who’s counting, there are at least 160 paid-subscription financial newsletters published in North America. The most popular focus on stock recommendations, but there are others covering everything from options and futures to precious metals and mutual funds.