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Tag: improve website traffic

How to Perform a Quick Mobile Website Analysis

If more than 50% of your traffic comes from mobile, it’s time for a mobile website analysis to see if you’re looking as sleek as you think you are
In an interview, Hearst Head of Corporate Tech Allen Duan said, “We’ve removed the differentiation between the mobile and desktop experience. Fifty percent to 70% [of Hearst’s audience] are

Add LinkedIn to Your Social Media Strategy

Top 5 ways to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is known as the professional network, you may not be utilizing it fully as part of your social media strategy. Here’s why you should – LinkedIn will generate free, organic traffic to your website.

Here are a few simple ways to improve website traffic using LinkedIn and make it more social.

Email Marketing Tips: Using PDF Files

Eight Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

To get more incoming links, publish lots of great content. To grow your subscriber file, promote free reports to your list.

The best use of the first 10 to 20 percent of your advertising inventory is to promote your own free email newsletter and the white papers described n the process below. This is a Mequoda best practice, yet few online publishers follow through.

At Mequoda Daily, every other Friday is “Free Report Friday”, we are using just ten percent of our inventory to promote our own freemium. Our results have proven that every time we release a free white paper, Mequoda Daily experiences increased website traffic and email circulation.

Content Marketing Strategy – Same Goal, Different Route

We’ve been studying content marketing strategies for several years. It doesn’t matter whether you call it custom publishing, customer media, branded content or corporate media – it’s all content marketing. And it’s here to stay.

The process of content marketing differs slightly from other traditional marketing tactics. How? Not with ‘in your face sales pitches’, but by creating valuable content that attracts and engages your target audience. The goal is still the same – to drive the customer to action, ie. to purchase your product or service or membership.