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Tag: maximize website traffic

Audience Development Strategies Shared in Colorado

Audience development is a main focus of this live event, with dozens of tips and case studies offered

Audience development is rampant online, but which strategies are right for your brand? With all the media formats available, you need to understand your options and what would genuinely help build your audience.

Twitter and Facebook are clear choices – which we will address during the Social Media Optimization Master Class at the Mequoda Summit West 2012 – but there are lesser-known options too.

Subscriber-centric: A Mequoda Open Content Standard

Being subscriber-centric puts a focus on your level of direct interaction

What makes your customer relationships unique? Is it that your content successfully brings value to your audience so they can do more and live better?

Publishers have ample opportunity to reach the right people in the digital age – they just need to take the proper steps to do so.

5 Tips to Maximize Website Traffic from Your YouTube Videos

Simple tips for using a third-party video hosting platform like YouTube to maximize audience development efforts

When you put a video on YouTube, you’re not only using the platform as a hosting solution, but you’re hopefully also looking to send that traffic back to your website. After all, we don’t use third-party social media sites for fun, we’re hoping to leverage an existing audience and direct it towards ourselves.

Luckily, YouTube makes it fairly easy for us to do this, and gives us ample opportunities to hook people in and maximize website traffic down a funnel that ends at our domain.