Subscriber-centric: A Mequoda Open Content Standard

Being subscriber-centric puts a focus on your level of direct interaction

What makes your customer relationships unique? Is it that your content successfully brings value to your audience so they can do more and live better?

Publishers have ample opportunity to reach the right people in the digital age – they just need to take the proper steps to do so.

We have seen that audience members want to be supplied with great content and want to subscribe it, whether it’s through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or RSS.

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However, with the evolutionary environment that goes into many of these platforms, we’ve seen traditional publishers struggle with these activities.

It is quite easy to realize that social media optimization, link building and search engine optimization are important keys to building relationships with the people interested in your content. Some publishers are using such strategies to maximize website traffic and build their email marketing file on a daily basis.

For those publishers who haven’t yet found the perfect strategy, the Mequoda Bootcamp will discuss how to utilize the content standard of being subscriber-centric so your audience email file can grow.

    marius s.

    I am using also my blog to connect with Facebook, Linkedin, twitter,
    will be good if you have more details how to improve all this techniques



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