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5 Paid Newsletter Best Practices for the Digital Age

These days, when people talk about newsletter best practices, they’re usually referring to free email newsletters, used as a marketing tool to drive inbound traffic to websites. But because some of us are old-time journalists here at Mequoda, we also think fondly of paid newsletters, a classic journalistic form that survives today in the digital era.

Membership Websites and Digital Subscriptions Gaining Popularity

Digital publishers will continue to establish and evolve their membership websites as products, tools, and software options lead to successful revenue streams. Today we’re visiting publishers who have made new advances in their subscription offerings recently.

Digital Publishing Companies Making News, Moves

The year 2015 has seen a positive net gain so far for digital publishing companies, with sustained good news offsetting any bad. Overall, the industry has become more nimble in adapting to trends, technology, and unexpected developments. A sense of aggressiveness and anticipation has defined the year so far, as publishers have been more proactive.

Mequoda Members know how important it is to stay abreast of digital publishing trends when planning out a multiplatform strategy. Toward that end, we scan the industry headlines every day to find the news that impacts digital publishing companies. Today’s roundup comes from one of our favorite and most dependable sources, Talking New Media.

Are Publisher Content Exchanges the New Black?

In an article for SIIA, Ronn Levine recent wrote about all the content exchanges going on in the publishing world. For example, The Dallas Morning News, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, The Toledo Blade, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will now offer digital products from the The Washington Post to their subscribers.

SIPA-SIIA Merger: 3 Things to Like

As a 27 year SIPA veteran, I can find a lot to like about the SIPA SIIA merger

Back in 1985, John Wilson, Steve Pepper, and Barrie Martland attended a seminar I was teaching in New York City on magazine economics. By the end of the day the trio convinced me that my company, Lighthouse Software, should join what was then called the Newsletter Publishers Association. Over the years, I’ve published newsletters on marketing, writing, and technology. Every time I started a new company, I joined what’s now called SIPA. Like most publishers, my business has evolved and expanded over the years to include publishing, software, training, consulting and even technology services. Many SIPA members are also my clients. And while my company belongs to a number of publishing trade organizations, SIPA is the one I consider home. While other trade organizations are dominated by larger corporate organizations, SIPA has always been the home of the entrepreneur. Most of my colleagues and SIPA run organizations that are similar in size and scope to my own.

Networking Pays Off in Hollywood and SIPA

On any Level, Networking and Involvement Work Wonders

The scale that Hollywood people work on is obviously glitzier and more grandiose than what we’re used to, but it can serve valuable lessons. For today, it’s about networking and making important connections. I attended the premiere (pictured left) this week of the new film “Fair Game” starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. It’s about the former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband, the former ambassador, Joseph Wilson, and the story involving her covert status. The Wilsons were in attendance to do a Q&A along with director Doug Liman (“Swingers,” the Bourne movies) and moderator Neal Conan from NPR.

A question came up about the casting and how Liman got Watts and Penn to star in the movie—which he said was produced “outside the studio system.” He said that his screenwriter, Jez Butterworth, knew Watts and volunteered to approach her with the script. “She just had a baby and wasn’t reading scripts yet, but I knew that if she could read 10 pages, we’d have a good shot,” Liman said. He was right. Liman also knew that Watts was on good terms with Penn from a film or two they had appeared in together. So he asked her to do the same deal: “just get him to read 10 pages.”

WSJ Membership Website Case Study

Skillful Leveraging of Brand, Strategic Site Design and Continuous Attention to the Balance of Traffic to Gated Content Has Contributed to the Market-Leading Position Currently Enjoyed by The Wall Street Journal