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Tag: social media advertising

The 10 Best Content Marketing Podcasts for Editors and Magazine Marketers

How to become a better content marketer, editor, and writer by listening to these content marketing podcasts

The first time I knew people listened to podcasts in their free time was back in 2007-ish when I went to an event called PodCamp, and while it wasn’t solely focused on podcasting, there was an abundance of fans

How to Buy Traffic to Your Articles via Social Media Ads

Social media is undoubtedly the best way to get your articles shared. Since 2007 or so, the social media world has become a go-to spot for businesses who are looking to create content and then market it to the masses. Some would argue that social media is meant to be a one-to-one platform, but realists know that it’s a one-to-many platform.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading articles about the “old days” of social media. The days where people listened more than they spoke, and they conversated more than they retweeted and shared.

We’re pretty cool with both – we like engagement, but we also enjoy getting shared. One thing is true – you have to work a little harder these days to be seen in social media. Once you are, you visibility will skyrocket, but getting to the point of noticed is a challenge in itself.

Social Media Missteps Can be Quite Loud

Tweets and Quacks Need More Sound Checks

I read a line this morning that is sure to become a catch phrase for 2011. “…think before you tweet.” It was said by Daniel Khabie, chief executive at Digitaria, an agency in San Diego, as part of a New York Times article about social marketing blunders and their consequences. They’re running rampant.

You have the Gilbert Gottfried incident with Aflac. He had been the longtime voice of the duck before tweeting some awful “jokes” about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, a market, according to the Times, that accounts for 75% of Aflac’s revenue! He was dismissed Monday. A second incident occurred last week “when an employee of New Media Strategies, an agency handling the Twitter account for the Chrysler brand that is aimed at consumers, posted” this comment: “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to drive.” A vulgarity sat between “to” and “drive.”

2011 Predictions for Search Marketers

Will 2011 be the year of social media marketing for search marketers?

Some are deeming 2011 as the year of social for search marketers.

Popularity behind social media isn’t new; although search marketers are now paying attention to the fact that social media can be used to help with their search engine optimization efforts.

iPad and iPhone Apps for Publishers

How 17 Publishers are Building iPad Applications to Sell More Products, Increase Subscriptions and Boost Online Revenues

B2B Advertising with LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s solid demographic targeting makes advertising B2B publications a no-brainer