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Tag: twitter audit

Mequoda conducts a Twitter audit as part of a series of social media audits we perform on our Gold Member sites. During this audit we determine if content is being systematically marketed using the 12x12x12 social media method. This method encourages publishers to write a series of 12 unique Tweets using 12 different headline and Tweet formulas, and then schedule them out for twelve days and again once a month for twelve months.

Included in this Twitter audit is the quality of the Tweets being written, and whether promotional emails are aligns with promotional Tweets so that Twitter is a mix of editorial and promotional content. The final part is learning how to measure your Twitter audit, which includes our Twitter scorecard.

10 Top Audience Development Posts of 2015

Our most-read audience development posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of email marketing, search optimization and social media best practices
This year we’ve tackled everything from email marketing to creating blockbuster posts and creating social media plans in our Audience Development articles. However, there are a few that have consistently been our highest

How to Perform a Twitter Audit Using Haven Social and the Twitter Ads Platform

A thorough look at what a complete Twitter Audit should tell you
In the past we answered the question, what is a Twitter audit and showed you the first 11-question part of a Twitter content audit.

Many companies think the number of followers they have equals their influence in the Twitter ecosystem, but that’s the furthest metric from

What to Do With the Results of Your Twitter Audit

First in our series on Twitter Audits, we defined a Twitter Audit, including what one looks like, and then we talked about how to get the information that will beef up your Twitter Audit. Now let’s talk about what you can do with the results of your Twitter Audit.

Social Media Audits Explained: What is a Twitter Audit?

One service that we offer to our gold member clients, that is often part of the ongoing process of keeping publishers on task, is performing social media audits. This process is very manual, going in and checking whether or not content is being promoted most effectively.

Mequoda’s Top 10 Audience Development Strategy Posts

Audience development is the creation of new content in order to succeed in the four major sources of website traffic: search, social, referral and legacy. It means that you’re writing content and creating products that your audience is asking for, while acting as a resource to those consumers – completely free of charge. In exchange, you build loyalty while also building email lists, followers, fans and revenues.

The Best Tips for Online Editors Publishing on Twitter

Join our Twitter for Editors webinar today and discover what the most successful publishers on Twitter have in common

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed the seven Twitter goals online editors should be focusing on daily.

According to Don Nicholas, about 10% of an online editor’s time should be devoted to Twitter. In an eight-hour work day, this would be about 48 minutes.

Week in Review: April 18th, 2011 – April 22nd, 2011

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