10 Top Audience Development Posts of 2015

Our most-read audience development posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of email marketing, search optimization and social media best practices

Top 10 Audience Development Posts of 2015This year we’ve tackled everything from email marketing to creating blockbuster posts and creating social media plans in our Audience Development articles. However, there are a few that have consistently been our highest read, commented on, and shared articles of the year. Before you start out 2016, catch up on what’s considered our most popular advice on Audience Development, and share it with your fellow publishers.

1. The 17 Best Email Subject Lines for Increasing Open Rates [+ Video]

Discover the carefully guarded source of the world’s most effective email subject lines that most professional copywriters don’t like to share.

2. The Best Paid and Free Press Release Sites

Our list of the best paid and free press release websites to submit your press releases for maximum SEO and traffic opportunities.

3. Subject Line Spam Trigger Words

Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, content, and reputation. In some cases, engagement is even applied to this filter — but please put this list of spam trigger words and no-nos next to your desk

4. 25 Email Design Best Practices for Publishers for Mobile and Desktop

It’s been reported that the average email user spends an average of 51 seconds reading each email newsletter. If this average sounds familiar, you must develop a way to maximize your email’s ability to connect with your audience. Here are 25 email design best practices to encourage sharing, reading and engaging.

5. The 5 Best White Hat SEO Techniques

Learn how to avoid black hat SEO practices while embracing a respectable standard of journalism.

6. Picking SEO Keyword Fights You Can Win

All SEO keywords are not equally important—volume and competition matter!

7. How to Perform a Twitter Audit Using Haven Social and the Twitter Ads Platform

In the past we answered the question,what is a Twitter audit and showed you the first 11-question part of a Twitter content audit. Here we offer a thorough look at what a complete Twitter Audit should tell you.

8. 13 Examples of Professional Email Subject Lines

A comprehensive list of professional email subject line archetypes for selling business products — plus a challenge!

9. How to Be a Better Keyword Density Checker

Get more page one rankings in Google by being a better keyword density checker for your business

10. 58 Online Copywriting Power Words & Phrases

Today’s multiplatform publishing requires online copywriting skills that borrow from the print world, but also address larger issues.

I also feel like the above list of audience development posts is making the rich richer, and we published a lot more great content this year that I think deserves another spin—so here’s my personal list of favorites I’d recommend reading before the new year:

Do you have any favorite articles of the year that helped you run a better business? Share them with us in the comments below, even if they’re not ours!



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