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Tag: twitter marketing

Social Media for Magazines: Audiences Up in 2015

If you want to drive traffic – and revenue – as a digital publisher, social media for magazines is no longer a religious discussion. It’s a must-have component of your multiplatform strategy.

For those holdouts who consider social media strategy a luxury, frivolity, or optional tactic, we do understand your reservations, to an extent: After all, there’s frankly a lot of junk out there … in the form of clickbait, shady referral traffic, and other drags.

But the upside is undeniable, with side-door traffic via mobile devices surging past traditional desktop homepage visits. With the likes of Facebook Instant Articles, Twitter marketing, and Snapchat promising publishers boosts in readership and sharing. And with plenty of opportunities to offer fans freemiums, subscription plans, and multimedia.

Trends to Watch for in 2012

Trends to Watch for in 2012

Here are some predictions of trends for 2012 from editors at Nieman Journalism Lab – followed by some from our members.

Twitter Makes 3 Big Changes, We Come Up With A Few Big Ideas

More Twitter marketing opportunities arise as Twitter gets a big facelift

Twitter is somewhat quietly rolling out a lot of changes to the site and their platform that directly impacts the businesses who use them for social marketing. Maybe you call Brand Profiles “too little, too late”, but they’re coming.

I could dive into the deep abyss of picking out everything new about the upcoming interface (which you can sample via the new Twitter iPhone App), but since we talk about marketing here at Mequoda let’s discuss how these updates directly impact the way you’ll use Twitter in your business going forward:

SIPA Member Profile: Nicholas Follows Lighthouse to Smooth Sailing

Don Nicholas, CEO, Mequoda Group, Hopkinton, Mass.

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?

I was 27 when I graduated from college. As my sons, Scott and Ryan, like to say, I was on the 10-year plan. I had gone back to school full-time two years earlier, after spending four years in the Navy and about four years in publishing and marketing. Once I did graduate, I did what all my friends were doing in 1983 and started a software company. Lighthouse Software created and supported a financial forecasting system for magazine and newsletter publishers. Within five years, ours was the number one product in the industry. With more than 800 clients, I made a lot of relationships that have lasted my entire career.

3 Steps to Shaving 10 Hours Off Your Twitter Task List

The beauty of scheduling tweets and the love for more focused community building
One thing that the Twitter community has done so well over time is turn a simple 140 character tweet into a work of character graffiti. The insipid word #and isn’t even sacred from a hashtag anymore.

What we like about this, however, is that it gives us lots of ways to write tweets so that we can mix it up day by day. The thing about mixing it up day by day though, is that you need to be paying attention all the time, which can take about twenty hours per week when you sit down and really start counting the hours (…I do).

Twitter Demographics: I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet… Right?

Define your social media strategy by learning exactly who is on twitter and what they’re tweeting about