Trends to Watch for in 2012

Trends to Watch for in 2012

Here are some predictions of trends for 2012 from editors at Nieman Journalism Lab – followed by some from our members.

Brian Boyer – There will be “a single term that represents mobile/tablet/pocketable/sofa-friendly devices.”
Ricky Warren, Research Ltd. – “I see many trends and many fads—if we’re talking publishing I think we are undeniably seeing rapid growth in the mobile arena. People are always on the move now and having access to so much information and connectivity in the palm of your hand almost gets you drunk with power! It’s creating a community where people are beginning to reject paper forms and demand more on mobile devices.”

Joy Mayer – “In 2012, the divide will grow between journalists who are intently aware of and responsive to the needs of their communities and those who continue to make decisions based on long-ago-learned fortress mentalities.”
Don Nicholas, Mequoda – “Over the past few months, it’s become clear to me that Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing will rival email marketing in terms of pure revenue generation, much sooner than we had originally thought. It’s much easier to build a huge list of fans and followers than email subscribers.”

Alan Murray – “Print and video news will continue to merge. With new technology, there’s no good reason why great reporters should limit themselves to the print medium alone. Nor is there any good reason to have TV ‘reporters’ who don’t actually report. The success of the iPad will force a rethinking of news websites, to make them more readable, more scannable, and less clunky.”
Allison Herdic, Chartwell – “The movement toward video content is most certainly on our agenda.”

Alan Mutter – “Facebook hasn’t siphoned away many local advertising dollars. Yet. But the intoxicating ME-ness of its content it is carving heavily into the audiences of all traditional media and it is axiomatic that advertisers will follow audiences.
Richard Londesborough, BMI – “Mastering digital marketing [will be an important trend in 2012], combined with real human contact (face-to-face meetings will never go out of fashion in my view, whatever the geeks tell you).”

Geneva Overholser – “Information in the public interest will come ever more richly and deeply from an ever widening array of sources—individuals, organizations and institutions of all sorts.”
Monika Stasik, PMR – “…the biggest impact on the publishing business, especially in B2B sector, will be the expectation of decision-ready content and locking content into clients’ workflows.”

Howard Owens – “More newspapers will put their content behind paywalls. Some of these publishers will find they have new competition from online-only local news start ups.”
Dale Debber, Providence Publications – “Yeah, the ‘information should be free’ twerps are winning along with the sales and marketing types. Quality journalism and incredible content—well, if we build it they do not necessarily come.”

Sree Sreenivasan – “The journalists who already have the digital skills to take advantage of opportunities—or can reinvent themselves in smart ways—will be able to shine.”
Helmut Graf, VNR – “We expect a further segmentation of the client’s habits in media usage. In the future, there will not only exist traditional marketing channels such as print and internet but also new channels like applications for smart phones, videos and audio CDs. Social-media portals like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will become more and more important. We will use multichannel marketing to reach all clients.”


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