How Does Your Content Look on Mobile Devices?

It’s a valid question to ask: how does my content look on mobile devices? Your website and email promotions need to be mobile-friendly, or you might lose a lot of audience members.

With smartphone users accounting for nearly half of all cellular phone owners, the user base is staggering. Different age groups interact with their smartphones in different ways, but rest assured, if you’re a respected source of information, audience members will be looking for you while on their mobile devices.

To analyze your mobile footprint, there are a few web-based options for you.


First, there is W3C mobileOK Checker. Here, you enter your web address and the checker will test its level of mobile-friendliness. The tests are defined on a linking page, so you can get a full explanation of any errors that exist on your mobile site.

Next, there is mobiReady, which provides similar options as W3C’s mobileOK Checker. The free report generated through the test provides an analysis on how well your site performs on mobile, and compares it to industry standards.

Both tools have free use options. If you’ve been wondering about your mobile effectiveness, these tools can help.


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