Tools for a Better LinkedIn Experience

Professionals scouring LinkedIn are granted an interesting opportunity: the chance to network and make new business connections.

Most of those doing so are attempting to better their careers, and thus, don’t necessarily have an extensively amount of time to dedicate to the social network.

To increase your productivity on LinkedIn, there are a few tools that can be utilized.

LinkedIn Tools

Outlook Social Connector: If you are using Outlook, this tool can help you easily build your network through contacts. This way you can stay engaged with your email contacts directly in LinkedIn, and perhaps make some new contacts in the process.

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LinkedIn Browser Toolbar: Access LinkedIn much easier from any website you are on. This can help you find the professional credentials of others you learn about while traversing the web. The browser toolbar is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Email Signature: If you use Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird, you can get a customized signature promoting your LinkedIn info.

Mac Search Widget: Mac users can access LinkedIn anytime from the Mac Dashboard.

Google Toolbar Assistant: If you use the Google Toolbar currently, you can easily install LinkedIn to it.

All of these LinkedIn productivity tools can be downloaded for free. If you currently use any of these tools, please leave a comment below and tell me if they’ve helped increase efficiency and productivity on LinkedIn.


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