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Last chance to sign up for our Twitter for Publishers 2010 webinar

Sign up for our Twitter for Publishers 2010 webinar now

Twitter may be the ultimate in word-of-mouth marketing right now.

Whether you’re new to Twitter, still exploring if and how it can benefit your business, or have been tweeting for years, you will definitely want to get the best possible results for all of your hard work. This Twitter for Publishers 2010 webinar will leave you with a huge amount of information pertaining to your Twitter strategies.

What Twitter can do for you

‘Free’ is always a desirable promotion and Twitter can help it spread like wildfire. Use attractive headlines as if you were writing for email marketing, and tweet it to your followers. Your message may be passed to thousands, or even millions, of people before the day is over.

Within the 90-minutes of our Twitter for Publishers 2010 webinar we will give you insight on how to do this plus:

-How to get more exposure for your events
-Information on tools and applications used to track your traffic, clicks and sales
-Case studies of publishers who are successfully using Twitter and have turned it into their main source of traffic
-How to use Twitter as a tool for customer service, lead generation, or marketing
-Potential guidelines for company Tweeting
-How to properly use Twitter lingo
-How to get people to click on your links
-How to balance your Twitter usage
-Ways to build a massive following on Twitter
-How to utilize 140 characters for selling products

Don’t miss out on these valuable and tested ways of using Twitter. If you do not know the information held within this webinar then you are basically leaving money on the table. Sign up for Twitter for Publishers 2010 right now and grab hold of all that extra traffic, and potential revenue, that’s there for the taking.


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