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Tag: Twitter for publishers

Digital Ads Do Better With Premium Publisher’s Content

Premium publishers in the news: Bloomberg, Hearst, and more; plus, native ads not a cure-all
There are are premium publishers, and then there is premium publisher’s content, and you don’t have to be the former to have the latter.

This is important to understand, particularly if you’re ad-driven. Why? Because premium content can make you more revenue.

Mobile Best Practices: A Modest Proposal

Getting a grasp of mobile best practices is like trying to catch a fish bare-handed. Unless you’re a bear, they’re really tough to pin down. If you are a bear, you probably don’t even have a smart phone, let alone a digital magazine property. And how are you even reading this?

Online Magazine Business News: Video, Social, Mergers & Acquisitions

Despite all of the ups and downs of digital publishing, the online magazine business keeps on cranking along, and companies like Time Inc. continue to set the pace with strategic partnerships. In addition, social media strategy gets a bit of news, and we relay word of more mergers & acquisitions.

Extensive Training Options Offered in Mequoda PRO

60+ hours of educational webinars await you on-demand

The education process has come a long way in a short time. Remember the days when going to a class or a library were the most popular ways to learn?

The Internet has changed that. And although school and libraries are still relevant, information seekers have more options.

Free Report: Twitter Tutorial on Maximizing Website Traffic

learn tips on using Twitter as a promotional tool that’ll help increase website traffic

Utilize a Group of the Most Loyal Consumers on the Planet

Last chance to sign up for our Twitter for Publishers 2010

Social Media for Publishers

Making Twitter and other Social Networks a successful part of your media mix…

Create a Twitter Scorecard that Fits YOUR Social Media Strategy

Hendrickson says, “Twitter is not a numbers game”

Learn How To Make Twitter a Top 10 Traffic Source

You’ll succeed with Twitter by following this information

Twitter for Publishers 2010

Take 90 minutes to learn the valuable secrets that smart publishers are using to attract, engage and retain followers on Twitter!

Here is a Method that is Helping Newspapers Boost Their Social Media Impact on Twitter

Pushing content vs. publishing content: create a more valuable Twitter audience by including your editorial staff as a part of your social media strategy

Are You One of the “Digitally Enlightened” Online Publishers?

Have you brought your online publishing business to terms with the fact that you are not alone in this digital ecosystem?
Have you also pondered whether everyone else is adapting more easily than you are?

Everything You Missed at the Mequoda Summit (Well, Almost Everything)

This week we’ve been at the Mequoda Summit in Boston, and covering it live just for you!

Here’s a Quick Way to Train Your Team in One Day

One method for training your entire online publishing team in one sitting (plus maybe a lunch break if they’re good)

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

Our Twitter for Publishers Webinar is Tomorrow!

Build out a new social media strategy with Twitter.
Our Twitter for Publishers webinar skips the preaching and goes straight to the teaching!

How Magazine Publishers Are Selling Subscriptions on Twitter

Incorporating social media strategy into your subscription sales may mean giving more away, but receiving even more in return

Twitter for Publishers: Webinar Early-Bird Ends Tomorrow!

Last chance to save when you join us next Wednesday to learn about Twitter from BusinessWeek, Dream of Italy, and USAToday

Twitter Demographics: I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet… Right?

Define your social media strategy by learning exactly who is on twitter and what they’re tweeting about

Twitter for Publishers Webinar: Two New Speakers Announced

Kathy McCabe, editor of the Dream of Italy newsletter and Shirley Brady, community editor of BusinessWeek join us to “talk Twitter”

Twitter for Publishers

Start integrating Twitter into your online business strategy and begin building your online community, managing your brand, and building a new revenue stream!