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Avoiding the Mistakes of Publishing Predecessors

Over the last decade, our consultants have seen many publishers fail in building an audience, and a viable business, online. We hate to see it, we really do. But we need to pay attention to these instances so we can report it to our clients and tell them what not to do. That’s typically a part of our live events; we tell the attendees what strategies they should be using, and which they should avoid, so they can find success in digital publishing.

Digital publishing success is not trial and error anymore. Although testing the waters of new resources that develop is expected, there is a much more elaborate set of strategies that should be the main focus for digital publishers.

Consumers are telling us loud and clear what they want—are you listening? How much would you pay for that information? Download a copy of our 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study for FREE instead, to find out how you can improve your digital magazine rapport with subscribers.

These digital publishing strategies have been researched thoroughly and tested our by our clients. So when you come to the Digital Publishing Bootcamp in July, or any of the other live events we put on throughout the year, you will get insight and case studies from other publishers who have actually used the methodology we teach.

There is no guessing with the information we teach. It’s tested, proven, and responsible for helping publishers build an audience online that has led to a new revenue stream.

Want more information on the Digital Publishing Bootcamp? Take a look at the event’s brochure and feel free to reach out to Kim Mateus with any further questions. She can be reached via email or by phone.

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