Food Gardening Magazine Publishes 6 Vegetables to Plant in March

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their March 2022 issue, featuring six vegetables gardeners can plant this month. Plus, they share garden design and care tips for new and experienced gardeners.

Featuring four how-to videos and companion articles, the March issue of Food Gardening Magazine reveals the six vegetables to plant this month, how to create perfect rows in a garden, and a recipe for a hearty spring soup with fire-roasted tomatoes and rich Tuscan kale. Plus, readers will discover the early warning signs of 18 common garden vegetable problems.

Senior Editor Amanda MacArthur says, “the best way to treat the challenges plants might come up against is to understand how to identify them, and to act quickly when there are warning signs.”

In 6 Vegetables to Plant in March, readers will get introduced to six spring vegetables that can go into the ground as soon as the soil is warm enough to work, including several spring favorites, such as peas and spring onions.

In Vegetable Garden Warning Signs and Red Flags, MacArthur helps readers recognize and solve 18 difficulties they may face with their gardens, including nutritional deficiencies, common diseases, and harmful insects.

This issue also offers readers helpful garden design tips in How to Make Organic DIY Seed Tape for Perfectly Spaced Vegetables. MacArthur takes readers through the process of creating perfectly spaced rows of vegetables in the garden.

Plus, readers will find a delicious and hearty recipe with the new “how-to” video for Fire-Roasted Tomato Kale Soup. This simple recipe uses home-“fired” tomatoes, and leafy Tuscan kale, alongside fresh fennel and carrots to soften and smooth out this hearty garden soup.

The March issue of Food Gardening Magazine also includes in-depth articles about kale, asparagus, and parsley. These articles explore our latest collections while providing valuable information on their own. Subscribers get instant access to the premium collections themselves, too. Be first to read these Collection Close-Ups, to get a head start on how to grow these foods:

In Growing Kale in Pots for Fresh Greens All Year Long, readers will get seven tips for growing kale in containers to help make their endeavors more successful and delicious. This article also introduces readers to several varieties of kale, including one variety that can grow 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

In 10 Tips for Growing and Harvesting Asparagus, readers can discover expert suggestions for growing the early spring treasure that Louis XIV called “the king of vegetables.”

In The History of Parsley Plus Culinary and Medicinal Benefits, readers can explore one of the most famous, yet most neglected culinary herbs.

The March issue of Food Gardening Magazine offers readers four feature articles, four accompanying videos, and three Collection Close-Ups spotlighting kale, asparagus, and parsley. These collections offer comprehensive, in-depth information about a single fruit, herb, or vegetable, from starting seeds to dealing with pests and diseases and from nutrition facts to delicious recipes.

View the March 2022 issue of Food Gardening Magazine now.

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