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Get ready to laugh now … when you read these stories!

Get these funny stories today, to have some Joy and Laughter—found in this collection now!

When you read this special GreenPrints Collection Gardening Mishaps: Funny stories about mistakes in the garden, you get some pretty amusing stories that will have you smiling, laughing, and “feeling the pain” of these gardening mistakes. Start reading—and laughing—right now!

We’ve all made mistakes in the garden at some point—but have you ever shared your mistakes in a very public way?

When you read the special GreenPrints Collection Gardening Mishaps: Funny stories about mistakes in the garden today, you get the best—and funniest—real-life stories about mistakes in the garden.

Gardening mishaps—as long as no one is hurt—can be funny and educational. You know, the old adage about learning from someone else’s mistakes.

At the very least, you’ll sympathize with these gardening mistakes—whether you’ve made them yourself or know someone who has.

But the real treasure about Gardening Mishaps: Funny stories about mistakes in the garden is that these gardeners have chosen to share their mistakes with you (and all our readers) by writing them down.

I’m not sure I could do that without suffering huge embarrassment!

In fact, many of the gardening mishap stories in this Collection Gardening Mishaps: Funny stories about mistakes in the garden appeared in our special “Broken Trowel” section of GreenPrints Magazine.

You see, getting anyone to share or admit to gardening mistakes can be a tough job—but our “Broken Trowel” section solicits these types of stories with the reward of a free one-year subscription and a free CD of gardening stories and songs, if your story is good enough to get published.

Now, you get to enjoy the laughter that comes with reading all these stories!
Including our featured story—“Ain’t Gonna Mow no Mower!”—you get all the stories in this special GreenPrints Collection on gardening mistakes, including:

We hope you enjoy this collection of stories that prove gardens are a place not just for flowers and vegetables, but also a place of mishaps, laughter, and amusement.

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