The dog days of summer are sizzling with hot offers from our partners!

These great offers will help you embrace (or escape) the August heat

August is the pinnacle of summer. Long sunny days, warm breezes, balmy nights, and the joy of gardening. I always prefer to look at the bright side. It is easier to just ignore the sunburns, summer storms, oppressive humidity, and bugs galore. There is a lot more to enjoy in summer when you focus on the positive, such as the ice cream truck. You don’t see that once winter hits!

Mequoda Publishing Network and their partners have a lot of great tips, ideas, and offers to enjoy while you are either embracing or escaping the hot summer days.

National Garden Bureau have several wonderful eBooks on how to care for Sunflowers, solve Tomato and Pepper problems, and how to care for Tomatoes. With these ebooks you will resolve your pepper and tomato problems and grow a bounty of tomatoes to enjoy all summer long. Sunflowers make a bold, beautiful statement and are easy to grow!

Our August partnership with Experience Life introduces two great topics “10 Ways to Build Resilience This Year” and “9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease”. Resilience is our capacity to overcome and recover from difficult times — and we’re definitely in one of those right now. In this e-book, you will find 10 tips to help you rebuild your resiliency. Spending time outdoors exposes people to a lot of pests, from blood-sucking mosquitoes to stinging bees. But its ticks, the tiny insects found primarily in wooded areas, that are an increasing cause for concern.

Our friends at KidsGardening excitedly share a free download from their ten favorite kids gardening activities, “Grow a Plant Pal”! These homemade “Chia” pets are the perfect indoor garden activity for creative kids, and are featured in KidsGardening’s FREE e-book, 10 Favorite Garden Activities. Check out the Plant Pal and other great garden activities for kids today!

Spirituality + Health proudly offer their free eBook “Sleep Better Tonight” A full night of restorative sleep is essential to each and every aspect of our health, from mental wellbeing to our immune functioning. In “Sleep Better Tonight,” their authors and experts share helpful (and sometimes surprising) ways to get a better night’s sleep holistically and sustainably.

We also took a look at Story Unlikely, an award-winning monthly literary magazine breaking the chains of the publishing industry. They think it’s time we returned to our roots as people with stories to share and are revitalizing the great craft of storytelling. If laughter is medicine, then Story Unlikely is therapy for broken souls. Story Unlikely delivers a new short story right to your inbox every month, from memoir to sci-fi and everything in between, which you can sign up for (for free!) and learn more about by visiting

ChopChop Family is a national nonprofit organization that uses food and cooking to help children and their families build fundamental life skills. They envision a world where all children and their adults have the necessary skills and tools to lead healthy lives. Their August newsletter is packed with yummy recipes revolving around watermelons. You can sign up to receive their free monthly newsletters that include delicious recipes.

I hope you are all wearing your hats and sunscreen while tending your gardens this August. Before summer slips away, get in that last trip to the beach, swing in the hammock, or run after the ice cream truck. I think I may hear that familiar ding-dong right now!

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