Five Website Design Tips from is an online catalog that offers a comprehensive selection of all things wine related. The only thing the site doesn’t offer is wine. But that’s just fine, as the publishers of this site depend on a motivated visitor who is enthusiastic enough about wine to want the very best in wine accessories.

This site is not for the wine novice. It’s for visitors who know, appreciate and spend a fair amount of money on wine and wine-related products. This site speaks to the need to enhance and protect the investment visitors to this site have made in their wine collections. This is the destination for visitors who have read all the magazines and have had numerous discussions with their Wine Enthusiast friends, and are ready to buy those products that will make their wine collections complete.

The challenge facing the publishers of is to build an ecommerce website that does not practice sales prevention. There are so many ways a site like this can go wrong. It’s so easy to get the copy wrong, use low quality images and most damaging, to build scenarios that lead the buyer nowhere. The challenge facing the publishers of is to provide visitors with a user experience that enhances, rather than diminishes, the wine collector’s enthusiasm.

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In this website design review of, Larry Kerstein points out the following website design tips.

  1. Upon arriving at the, it is immediately apparent to the visitor that this site is a well-organized online catalog devoted to the Wine Enthusiast.
  2. is an excellent example of an online catalog.
  3. The publishers of this website should consider providing the passionate visitors to this site with an opportunity to express their passions with every visit they make.
  4. This site presents a nice combination of utility, supporting the commerce elements of the site, and accessibility of design, ensuring ease of access and readability for published content.
  5. Visitors to this website will be rewarded with a successful online experience as they seek to purchase from a collection of products that reflects those visitors’ desire for quality and value.

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