Efficient Related Posts Plug-in

Providing related posts to your audience members helps them find more of the content they are interested in while becoming more familiar with your writers and the breadth of your content.

Utilizing related posts is even more popular on mobile devices as it efficiently points to similar content so the user doesn’t have to waste time or scrolling around on a small screen.

For operators of a WordPress blog, there is a handy plug-in that will help you easily provide related posts to your online audience.

The Efficient Related Posts Plug-in determines related posts based on the number of overlapping tags associated with your website’s content. This related posts plug-in works quickly, even with thousands of posts and tags that likely makes up your website.

If you have interest in this WordPress plug-in, and other plug-ins that will make your online business more efficient by increasing audience usability and accessibility, please contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 to learn about consulting options which includes a comprehensive list of the WordPress plug-ins we use in our Mequoda Systems. Some of these are free options, while others are Premium Mequoda plug-ins, only available to Mequoda Gold Members.


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