Mequoda Source Tracking Plug-in

Do you know how your audience members got to your website?

Do they arrive at your site through a specific promotion you ran, an email forwarded by an existing member or from search engines? The Mequoda Source Tracking WordPress Plug-in provides you with the answer.

This Mequoda WordPress Plug-in allows publishers to determine original source code and arriving source code of new audience members, while storing it in a comprehensive database.

This feature allows you to determine what source of content drives the most traffic to your website, which can then dictate how your team spends its time targeting audience members going forward.

Additionally, this feature allows you to decipher which products successfully bring in paying customers. This conclusion may dictate the types of products you create and distribute in the future.

The Mequoda Source Tracking Plug-in is only available to Gold Member Clients. If you’d like to discuss options for Gold Membership, please contact Kim Mateus via email or phone at (401) 293-0401.


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