Plugin for Social Sharing Icons

You should tweet this article…want to know why? Because it details the power social sharing has on the Internet community.

For instance, were you aware that social media has an impact on email? Recent data from GetResponse shows that the inclusion of social sharing icons leads to higher click-through rates.

Overall, GetResponse reported that the inclusion of social sharing icons accounted for increases in click-through rate by 115%. According to the GetResponse blog, the results, “contrasted with the comparatively small number of actual shares per 10,000 emails (Facebook: 23, Twitter: 7, LinkedIn: 4) only further punctuate their extended viral impact.”



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Out of the social networks most commonly used, the click-through rate for LinkedIn was the highest with a rate of almost 400%. This is a major increase, and looks even more impressive as the number of emails including the LinkedIn icon dropped by 25% since last year.

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