The Mequoda Year/Month WordPress Plug-in

There are a number of proven strategies for success being used by online publishers.

One such strategy involves the use of a subscription website, for publishers with an excess of content who want to generate renewable revenue. With growth in the tablet and smartphone industries, subscription websites and apps are becoming to prove even more profitable for the right type of publisher.

For subscription websites on the WordPress platform that want to group articles from a specific magazine issue, we recommend using the WordPress Year/Month Plug-in as a best practice. This plug-in allows operators to group all articles from a specific issue of a magazine or newsletter together. The operator creates a separate post for each magazine article and selects the month/year of the issue that contains the article. Then, on the magazine archive page, there is a heading for each issue with all of the articles names listed below. Each of the article names links to the individual post.

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