Minimum Information Unit

A minimum information unit or MIU is the smallest piece of a publisher’s content that tells a complete story. It could be an article, blog post, record, profile, review, book chapter, report, document, lesson or episode. The MIU depends on where a publisher’s content originates. If the publisher creates sewing patterns, the pattern would be that company’s MIU. All other content derives from the MIU. A magazine publisher’s MIU is an article, which could then be turned into a post. Multiple articles could also be compiled into free reports or books, and so on.

Do you publish articles? Data and records? Profiles? We often write about repurposing and recycling your MIUs – articles become chapters in books, excerpts become blog posts, and so on.  That’s because your MIU is the golden egg of your business. And you must deliver it to consumers in a way that’s simple, functional and convenient for users – and that drives revenues and satisfies your business goals.

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