Using Your Content Expertise to Boost Sales on an Order Landing Page

See how to showcase your expertise on a Membership Landing Page, without appearing to be too boastful.

ILC NC4 Guru

Getting your direct-marketing prospects to click through to an order landing page is half the battle—it’s a clear indicator that you’re on message and—hopefully—on your way to capturing paid orders.

But what if your order landing page is cluttered, confusing, or lacking the design and strategy components essential to earning orders, boosting revenue, and building your subscription or membership base? The answer to overcoming weak landing pages is to, well, “follow the leader”—that is, emulate the best practices of those who have paved the way for you and have already successfully deployed revenue-boosting order landing pages!

That’s right! You can follow best practices that have already been proven to work and to boost sales and revenue. Why not just “follow the leader” with your own landing page designs? After all, reinventing the wheel can be a laborious—and expensive—proposition!

Welcome to Mequoda Pro’s Template Tutorial for an “NC4 Guru Landing Page” that uses a hard offer to acquire new subscriptions! Follow all the best practices of this page, and you too can experience a boost in net response. Just like I Like Crochet (ILC) achieved with their version of the NC4 Guru Landing Page, which is examined in detail in this Template Tutorial.

With this NC4 Guru Landing Page Template Tutorial, you’ll get the details about what makes a successful order landing page. And you can follow along, step by step, to ensure that your own order landing pages are perfectly designed to maximize orders and revenue!

In fact, this Template Tutorial isn’t just a step-by-step guide for building your own powerhouse order landing pages, it’s a disciplined checklist of every important element so that you won’t miss anything critical.

And it’s not just a bunch of marketing theory—this NC4 Guru Landing Page, when properly designed and deployed, is a real-life example of how to make more money for your publishing business.

But first, what is an NC4 Guru Landing Page? NC4 is our acronym for “No-Choice-4,” which means the page presents a hard offer by touting the bounty of benefits in a large top banner that we call a Roof Tile, supported by three pillar-like panels that detail some of the best features of the offer. The ‘guru’ part refers to our placement of the brand’s editor featured prominently in one of the pillars, the brand’s “guru”. And we’re showcasing an NC4 Guru Landing Page from I Like Crochet—which offers full access to its digital magazine, hundreds of crochet patterns and articles, and exclusive video tutorials—all in one beautifully bundled package.

In this Template Tutorial for an NC4 Guru Landing Page, you’ll discover:

  • What is the page’s “Nameplate Header” and why does it matter? How should you design your order landing page’s “Nameplate Header?”
  • What about your NC4 Guru Landing Page’s headline? What are the best practices for page headlines?
  • How should you present copy that is affirming for the prospect, to get them to enthusiastically proceed and order your products?
  • When is best to present your product’s pricing and any special introductory offers?
  • Where should you place copy about product features vs. benefits and value statements?
  • Why should your call-to-action be presented this way?
  • What is the right balance between copy and images on the page?
  • What visual “tricks” can be deployed to guide your prospects to a quick order?
  • How to stay out of legal trouble with your automatic-renewal language!
  • And more!

With this Template Tutorial, you get a printable checklist for ensuring that you always follow best practices when developing your own order landing pages.

And, while this Template Tutorial walks you through ILC’s real-life example, you also get lists of testing ideas for every element—so you are well-equipped to deploy a successful order landing page and continuously improve upon it with meaningful testing!

Bottom Line: If you want to boost new-subscription orders—just like ILC—take a page out of their playbook and test your own version of this NC4 Guru Landing Page today! You’ll clinch more sales on-the-spot and minimize order landing page abandons when you follow these best practices.

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