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Tag: atlas

The Benefits of Video Advertising: Buying and Selling Pre-Roll and/or Custom Content

The benefits of video advertising increase as trends are discovered, users are targeted, and call-to-action buttons are put into use.
Although consumers don’t generally love the 10-15 seconds of advertising they encounter when discovering new YouTube videos, or videos they find on publisher’s websites — they do, in fact, wait through them, at least to the

Ad, Publisher Dynamic Gets Complicated With Blocking Software

If you’re an ad publisher and rely solely on that revenue for your company’s future, blocking software is a disturbing development indeed. While it’s not yet at crisis levels, it’s worrisome enough to demand some action, which is why vendors with antidotes are popping up here and there, while publishers and marketers devise responsive strategies. Ad Age did a great job of covering this story and a couple of more recently. Let’s take a look!

5 Online Video Advertising Solutions For Any Publisher

Looking to monetize your video-viewing audience? Check out these 9 popular online video advertising solutions.

How Facebook’s Atlas Relaunch Can Help Digital Publishers

It may be hard for some to remember when Facebook bought Atlas from Microsoft in 2013. Now the story is coming back to life as Facebook relaunches Atlas.

iPad App Ideas for Publishers

New media trends show that the iPad is bringing magazines back to life – why are we still resenting it?

The iPad is everywhere. It’s being used at Posh NYC restaurants as wine lists and menus, and it’s being doled out at hotels pre-loaded with newspapers.

So why is it that publishers are still struggling to come up with ways to use this device to sell their products? There are a few publishers doing a pretty rockin’ job with the iPad and have totally embraced the interactive nature of the device.