How Facebook’s Atlas Relaunch Can Help Digital Publishers

via Wikipedia Commons

via Wikipedia Commons

It may be hard for some to remember when Facebook bought Atlas from Microsoft in 2013. Now the story is coming back to life as Facebook relaunches Atlas.

Initially, Atlas was used to measure and track the efficiency of display ads. So why is Facebook bringing it out now? Ad Age reports on this story. “Starting with Atlas’ DNA and then rewriting it from the ground up allows Facebook to use Atlas as part of its push to measure cross-device and cross-platform and to leverage display targeting capabilities powered by Facebook ID.”

Digital publishers and brands now have more options for Facebook marketing. And, according to Ad Age, the real value in Facebook utilizing Atlas for publishers and brands is two fold. “It lets them measure ad campaigns across screens by solving the cookie problem; and it lets them target real people across mobile and the web.

Read more about the capabilities of Atlas at Ad Age.

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