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Tag: billboard

Digital Magazine Opportunities Expand for Lifestyle Brands

The digital magazine landscape continues to grow as more brands turn focus toward digital magazines. Today we’re looking at Apple, which is taking efforts to engage with digital magazine content more, and Robb Report, which has launched a new digital magazine.

Multiplatform Publishing Industry Changes Through Acquisitions, Personnel

Multiplatform publishing companies Billboard and Time Inc. make personnel changes; Corporate Board Member Magazine acquired by Chief Executive Group

A morphing environment for some multiplatform publishing companies involves new talent in key positions, as well as assets from other acquisitions. Today we look at both personnel and asset acquisitions from some major publishers.

Digital Publishers Find Success with Acquisitions, Licensing Deal

Future reports recent acquisitions as profitable; Digital publishers High Times acquired by investors; The Economist and Bloomberg strike licensing deal
Digital publishers acquire new media properties to fill gaps they see as potentials for success. Today we’re reporting on some of the recent acquisitions taking place.

We begin with Future, which has reported growth with the help

New Branded Content Agency From Billboard and THR

Is there a hotter trend in publishing than the in-house branded content agency? And what does this phenomenon mean for niche digital magazines?

Digital Magazine Comes To Print

Townsquare Media bought XXL Magazine earlier this year. Now the publication is releasing a quarterly print magazine.

Homepage Maintenance: How Top Sites Handle It

As publishers wrestle with engagement for visitors coming in from the side doors of search and social, some are focusing resources on their homepages, which the most loyal readers still use as access points.

Billboard Cover Sets New Bar for Digital Mags

Billboard’s new look is leading the multiplatform pack, according to Folio:.

Gone is the practical newspaperlike cover, jam-packed with ink and charts. In its place is a sleek, stylized art portrait of a given performer and a vertical flag lining the left front in a bold new font.

Will Facebook Kill Online Advertising?

The recent Facebook IPO and surrounding uproar has created a robust discussion about the future of online advertising business models.

Advertising works for a couple of fundamental reasons. Advertising works when it helps someone find something that they want or need. Advertising works when it makes someone realize they have a want or need. And advertising works when it helps someone discover an alternative to a product or service they already use.

5 Ways to Amplify the Reach of Your Editors

Content marketing tips to build a bigger audience

Editors speak for the brands they work for, which means they have a much better pre-existing relationship with customers than anyone else at your company. They speak directly to readers through witty blog posts, metaphoric photos, and real-time replies to comments on your blog.

Week in Review: January 23rd, 2012 – January 27th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Using the Tierra Billboard Manager to Promote Your Best Content

Daily publishers create and distribute a lot of high quality content. However, only certain pieces of content can be considered the ‘best’.

The best content does not take into account the editor or writer’s opinion of it; the best is defined purely by the audience’s interactions with it, the amount of social sharing it experiences and the valuable they find from it.

SIPA Member Profile: Ossoff’s Career Took Off Quickly

Richard Ossoff, President & CEO, Strafford Publications, Inc., Atlanta

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
RICHARD: My first job was with the now defunct Office of Economic Opportunity, the federal anti-poverty agency. I worked in the Addiction Services Division, part of the agency’s extensive health program. After just three months as a federal employee, at the age of 22, I was responsible for 14 heroin-addiction treatment programs around the country. It was perhaps a startling public administration decision by our national government but an extraordinary experience on many levels. I had a long-standing interest in the publishing industry and, after leaving McKinsey & Company to try my hand at entrepreneurship, Strafford was the second business I formed and operated in parallel with the first.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
There have been several but the one most relevant to Strafford was my realization after some years with McKinsey that, while I enjoyed consulting tremendously, I really wanted to start my own business.

Calling All Opt-outs; Wine Guy Waxes Marketing

‘Wine Guy’ Emphasizes That We’re Only ‘Human’

“Vaynerchuk, who hosts the Wine Library TV blog and runs a large wine-retailing business, said his extensive email list averages 97 opt-outs a day. Three months ago, he said, he instituted a program of telephoning every person who opts out, to try to re-engage them.”

I saw this item yesterday, from the site BtoB, and it made me pause; it was coverage of the 2011 Email Evolution Conference at the Eden Roc in Miami. (That happens to be the same place SIPA will be heading to for its 2011 Marketing Conference, Dec. 7-9.)

Brand Marketing Archetype

A Mequoda Website Satellite Archetype that exists primarily to build brand. This website economic model is similar to billboard advertising. Brand marketing websites don’t necessarily generate any revenue from the website. No transactions take place, no email acquisition takes place—the site exists solely to build brand. is a best practice Mequoda Brand Marketing Archetype.

Interweave Announces Acquisition of American Artist, Drawing, Watercolor, and Workshop Magazines from Nielsen Business Media

Interweave’s acquisition of the oldest, continuously published magazine for painters and three related publications expands its footprint into arts media, entering the drawing and painting markets for the first time

Skills for Print and Digital Publishing

Some publishing skills have not changed and are not expected to

Publishing’s transition from print to digital has caused a lot of changes over the years. Your office is loaded with computers. You have website, an email newsletter and digital reports. You might not even consider your business a magazine or a newsletter anymore, but a provider of useful information. Has anything stayed the same?

Copywriting, for one, has been a vital skill for decades, and it’s unlikely to disappear or change anytime soon. Website Design Review, the Online Home of Executive Travel Magazine, While Demonstrating Good Readability and Affordance, Tries to do Too Much From One Site, Causing Brand Confusion, Task Incompletion and Lack of Relationship Building Website Design Review describes itself as “the all-inclusive online destination for publishers, retailers, librarians, agents, authors, distributors, studio executives, screenwriters, publicists, book groups and more!” It’s an accurate description.

VNU Business Media, publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Computing, and other trade titles, launched, its first solely online publication, in January of 2005.