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Tag: content discovery

How the Multi-Platform Mobile Development Challenge Was Accepted By These Savvy Publishers

App-less in Seattle: the next frontier of multi-platform mobile development doesn’t involve apps
Appearing erudite and august themselves, the August 3 cover of Time magazine features Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

At, a photo caption explains the two former leaders of the free world recently attended ceremonies at the Bush Presidential Center for the

New Adobe Publishing Platform Coming Later This Summer

Adobe publishing is a pricey option for publishers, but many believe the company’s products are worth every penny. While we proudly partner with Mag+ and direct our niche Mequoda Members to that platform, there’s no doubt that we have tremendous admiration for the Adobe DPS, which offers a full array of tools for digital magazines. Talking New Media recently covered the announcement that the latest Adobe publishing platform – originally billed as Adobe Publish but now back to the line’s original Digital Publishing Solution – will be released this summer. In the meantime, a beta version is seeing release. TNM also discusses some interesting new moves from Time Inc. digital and Rodale.

Mobile-First Strategy for Better Homes & Gardens

Is a mobile-first strategy a must for publishers at this point? The short answer is yes, but how should you execute it? Read our analysis of mobile-first strategy in the form of responsive vs. fluid design for the long answer. Digital magazines are always looking for answers – new solutions for new revenue. In a few recent articles, Folio: covers one publisher that’s embracing mobile-first strategy and two others going the acquisition route.

Rodale Publishing Platforms Expand With New Sites

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for Rodale publishing, the health and lifestyle leader always on the lookout for ways to maximize their digital magazine properties – while branching out with new ones.

New Service for “All You Can Read” Magazines

Magzter, the magazine subscription site offering thousands of titles, announced the debut of Magzter Gold on Monday, January 19. The service takes “all you can read magazines” up a notch, offering two tiers of unlimited access.

Meredith Relaunches ‘Fitness Magazine’ Website With Improved Design

When major publishers like Meredith realize that a majority of website traffic is coming via mobile devices, a change is coming.

Content Deployment Tactics to Keep Readers Engaged

Publishers are trying new tricks and refining old ones to get visitors to stay on their sites for a while.

Digiday recently homed in on four creative examples of content deployment piquing readers’ interest.

Papergarden, the New Digital Mag Marketplace for Galaxy

Condé Nast, Wenner Media, and Hearst Magazines lead the pack in participating in Samsung and Adobe’s Papergarden, a new digital marketplace set to debut on the Galaxy Tab S at the end of June.

Why John Henry Bought The Globe

We finally find out John Henry’s thought process and reasoning for buying the Boston Globe. Henry wrote in yesterday’s Globe,

Is Twitter Getting Ready to Prioritize Content?

Some marketers might freak out a little about the news that Twitter bought Summify, the little content prioritization tool that works hand in hand with Twitter, Facebook, and your RSS feeds. The duty of Summify is to read all of your RSS and social media feeds for you, and then tell you (through email) which ones are most relevant to you based on the number of retweets/shares/favorites/likes a post/tweet/feed gets.

Do You Know Where Your External Traffic Comes From?

Search bests social for many content publishers

The next time someone tells you SEO has lost relevance, share some of the following information with the person making the claim.

According to recent data from Outbrain’s “Content Discovery and Engagement Report, Q1 2011”, 41% of external referrals to content publisher’s websites come from search.

Content Discovery: The Hidden Value of Social Networking Sites for Referrals

The majority of content discovery, as much as 70% according to Nielson, are referrals from search engines and portals like Google, Yahoo and MSN. With social networking sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and blogs making up almost 20% of users relying on social media sites to find reliable information. This is too large a number to ignore.