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Tag: content planning

Content Planning: Nailing Down Ideal Post Timing and Frequency

A couple weeks ago I attended an SEO conference called SearchLove hosted by Distilled. One of the speakers was Rand Fishkin, better known as the Wizard of Moz. At the very end of his presentation, completely off topic talked about the time he saw that Hubspot posted 49 articles in a week, and wondered if they’d ever determined that that was an optimal frequency for them.

01-content-planning-nailing-down-ideal-post-timing-and-frequencyLike most of us, especially in publishing, Hubspot was basically on the page that “more content = more traffic.” So Hubspot replied that they hadn’t measured it exactly, and asked if Moz wanted to do an experiment with them. At the time Moz was publishing 8 posts per week. Both cut their frequency in half and the results basically told Hubspot that they could afford to write less, but Moz should write a little more.

How to Create a Multiplatform Magazine Business Model

From content planning to determining your exit strategy, every successful multiplatform magazine business model includes planning these seven things
At Mequoda we spend a significant amount of time building custom business plans for our niche magazine clients who are adopting a multiplatform magazine business model. During this process, we run through seven elements of the business

Leaked NYT Digital Memo a Watershed Moment for Publishing

The 90-plus-page document is substantive, to say the least. It’s the product of a six-month study on the part of a handpicked team tasked with navigating the Times’ digital future and providing suggested best practices to build upon its success. It also scrutinizes the paper’s current multiplatform approach, finding some complacency and significant managerial resistance to change.

Mequoda System Strategy Workshop Presented for the Motley Fool

We introduced our 49-steps for starting and running an online business this past week at Fool University

Kim and I had the pleasure of spending a full day with the folks at Motley Fool last week to teach at their in-house learning program – Fool University.

This is the second time we’ve been asked to teach at Fool University, and I must say, it’s very interesting because it takes the edge off corporate environment.

A Friday Morning Checklist for Last-Minute Online Editors

Editorial guidelines and tips for the last-minute editor

Is it just me, or is a “case of the Mondays” an understatement when you’re an online editor with a daily frequency? It’s a little more like a “case of the oh crap what am I posting today”s when you don’t have an established editorial calendar. And it’s as easy to get behind as paying a credit card payment. Miss a month and you’ve got a lot of work to do to make it up for the next month. Miss a day in your editorial calendar and you could be putting yourself in rush mode for the next week or so.

As an editor who has admittedly tried my hand at working every single type of content planning schedule, I can tell you which editorial schedules I’ve seen crash and burn in front of my eyes and for other editors I’ve talked to: