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Tag: digital media strategy

Instagram Publishing: The Big Picture

Taking a closer look at Instagram publishing; plus, magazines on Twitter, data-driven publishing, and other social media strategies
Regardless of whether you plan on participating in Facebook Instant Articles or other walled gardens, there’s no doubt that as a modern digital publisher, you must have a significant social media strategy in place to stay competitive and

Do Digital Books and Subscriptions Impact Print Sales? Should You Care?

Growing your digital media strategy to match the future needs of your customers

In the last year, the sales of eBooks have grown 169.4% to $164.1M, while the combined categories of print books fell 24.8% to $441.7M, according to The Association of American Publishers. Additionally, e-Reader ownership has doubled in the last six months, according to The Pew Center’s Internet & American Life Project. In fact, they reported that 3% of adults own both an e-Reader and a tablet computer like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

So are you worried that digital editions of your book and subscriptions will impact print sales? Hopefully not, because digital editions are infinitely cheaper to produce in the long run and often times even in the short run. In fact, digital editions have proven to increase subscriptions. New data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ Fas-Fax show a 20% rise in circulation for the top 25 newspapers with digital editions.

Are You Covered for Social Media Issues?

Social Media and the Law: Time to Get With the Program

Take a look at these recent examples of companies’ brushes with social media and the law from the website Virtual World Law Blog:

– In March 2011, a California court ruled that Facebook messages sent to friends’ walls, news feeds or home pages are “electronic mail messages” under the CAN-SPAM Act. “While the court did not address the underlying merits of the CAN-SPAM claims, companies using social media in marketing should verify that they (and any marketing services they engage) comply with CAN-SPAM’s requirements for commercial messages sent via social media platforms.”

Digital Newsletter Readership Changes 2000 to 2010

What’s your digital newsletter strategy for 2010 and beyond?

Using to Track your Real Twitter Traffic

Why use Twitter if you can’t track your results?

Up in the Air for 10,000 Hours

Thinking about new media tends and life choices in 2010

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Making Money Online in 2010

The Digital Media Strategy 2010: The Only 3 Ways to Make Money Online Now from the Mequoda Group is full of advertising tips online publishers can use to generate online advertising revenue and sell premium information products.

The Mequoda Group interviewed dozens of online publishers and content marketers with robust digital media product pyramids. Get expert advice from publishers who are already successfully doing business online. This is a must read for bloggers, authors, public speakers, and print publishers wanting to transition to online publishing

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Read this new white paper and discover how in 2010, anyone with editorial content, or the capacity to create it, can become an online publisher

3 Ways to Expand Your Online Business in 2010

How Smart Online Publishers Use Banners, Tex Ads, Sponsorships to Generate Online Advertising Revenue & Sell Premium Information Products (AKA: Paid Cont

Meet a B2B Multi-Platform Content Rock Star

Effective digital media strategy means building a multi-platform content Mequoda Media Pyramid is a Mequoda “best practice” multiplatform publisher, and its creator, Bob Brady, has been setting a standard for excellence and innovation since before we coined the term “Mequoda.”

Making Money Online

FREE White Paper: Learn The Only 3 Ways to Make Money Online Now by downloading our FREE Digital Media Strategy 2010 white paper.