Mequoda’s “Creating and Selling Information Products” Kit – Download now!

Four FREE white papers for creating and selling better information products

Today we’ve put together a kit of free white papers that you can download to become a more efficient creator and marketer of information products.

First on the list is 5 Deadly Membership Website Mistakes.

If you are currently operating or are looking to start a membership website, this white paper will show you what every magazine, newsletter and book publisher needs to know before launching a membership website. It is based on our 12 years of experience with more than 100 successful membership websites.

Next on the list is How to Write a White Paper That Sells.

Creating and selling blockbuster digital white papers, special reports and handbooks is a core skill for many successful online publishing companies. With low production costs, no inventory and higher price points, these digital downloads are a key product strategy. This free white paper will show you five best practice guidelines for selling online white papers, special Reports and handbooks.

Third on the list is Digital Media Strategy 2010: The Only 3 Ways to Make Money Online Now.

On the Mequoda Digital Media Pyramid, the online publisher’s periodical website (or blog) and email newsletter (which is tied lockstep to the blog), are both free. They are the marketing arm of the online publishing enterprise, designed to build an audience. Once you have used your free products to build a robust email subscriber list, you can then create new products, such as digital events, live events, subscriptions, memberships and more. This white paper will show you how to build your Digital Media Pyramid and discover where your opportunities for product growth lie.

Last on the list is our newest and most robust white paper, Creating Sales Letter Landing Page Templates that Sell.

It’s great if you have an information-packed membership website, or you can publish a world-class white paper, but it’d be even better if you could sell them. Do you know how to write, design and create sales letter landing page templates that convert visitors into buyers? In this free white paper, we’ll show you how.

Download these four white papers today – they’re free! For more downloadable white papers, check out our Free White Papers archive.


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